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abril 3, 2020 Global News, News Germany

Good leadership during the Coronavirus crisis – Leadership in the time of a Crisis

Köngen – Business leaders are especially challenged at the moment. Crisis are times for change – crisis require conscious acting, clear decisions even if they have to be made while peering through the fog of uncertainty. It also require unambiguous communication, laying bare what is possible, at least for the moment. We, as Staufen, want to support you and lead you through the crisis.

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marzo 20, 2020 Global News, News Germany

Change is mainly driven by technology, but it is not the only answer – Study “Success in Change – Hungary”

In companies, structure, processes, management and corporate culture as well as employees and their qualifications must adapt towards change, only then can technological solutions promise success. The study “Success in Change – Hungary” shows that there is still room for improvement in these areas in the Hungarian economy. Companies are not yet ready for rapid changes.

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marzo 16, 2020 Global News, News Germany

Staufen AG is the best German consulting company in the operations management category – Best consultant of 2020

Köngen – According to the well-known industry study by brand eins and Statista, Staufen AG is once again one of the leading consulting companies in Germany. It was the only consulting company to receive the best grades in operations management, both for customer evaluations and for colleague recommendations. In other fields, Staufen AG was also able to improve as compared to last year. It is the seventh consecutive award for this internationally active consulting company with roots in the Stuttgart region.

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marzo 13, 2020 Global News, News Germany

German world market leaders have specifically improved their resilience to crises in recent years – Study

Köngen – Endangered supply chains, trade fairs and business trips canceled and disinfectant dispensers at the factory gates – the coronavirus has taken a firm grip on German industry. How well companies will emerge from the crisis largely depends on how the past few years were used to improve their own processes. According to a recent study from business consultancy Staufen, Germany’s world market leaders have apparently done their homework. Over the past two years, almost three quarters have improved their resilience to crises, forming a solid foundation. A total of 231 German companies were surveyed for the study, which are world leaders in either their industry or segment.

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marzo 2, 2020 Global News, News Germany

Bad bosses bring down the mood at the workplace / Only one in every four companies is the supervisor really part of the team – “Focus on the Workplace” study

Köngen – More than 50% of employees who are unsatisfied with their job blame one person: their boss. This means that bad leaders clearly rank higher than low salaries and boring tasks as the reason for the lousy mood in the workplace. Satisfied employees also know exactly why they enjoy their work. According to the current study “Focus on the Workplace,” the main reason is their nice colleagues. Management consultancy Staufen interviewed more than 1,500 employees in Germany for the study.

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febrero 17, 2020 Global News, News Germany

Strategy and qualification – German Industry 4.0 Index identifies the success factors of digital transformation / Every eighth Industry 4.0 initiative exceeds expectations

According to the current Industry 4.0 Index, the results of ongoing digitization activities exceed expectations in 12 percent of German companies – in some cases even significantly. Successful digitizers agree on the reason: A structured approach and targeted development of expertise make all the difference. Companies that have yet to achieve their goals in terms of Industry 4.0 are also aware of this. For the German Industry 4.0 Index, business consultancy Staufen together with experts from Staufen Digital Neonex surveyed more than 300 industrial companies in Germany.

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