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In times of rapid, sometimes even disruptive change, an organization’s ability to adapt and change is the success factor par excellence. Without a finely tuned culture of change that promotes a pioneering spirit and personal responsibility, it will not be possible to successfully anticipate future developments. In our podcast, business leaders and innovators discuss the challenges ahead, as well as new ways and opportunities to flexibly adapt to them.

Our podcast is mainly available in German. For each episode we have a written blog article in German and English available. 

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Are hierarchies still appropriate nowadays? 

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been meeting more and more people who say to me: “Mr. Krause, the concept of hierarchies is out of date – why are they still necessary? Now that we have a modern work environment.” Frank Krause, Senior Partner at Staufen AG, talks about the meaning of hierarchies.

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The German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) – Making your supply chain fit for the future 

The German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) went into force on 01/01/2023. Matthias Führich, international business law attorney for the ICC Stuttgart, explains the most important basic points to which affected companies must now pay attention in conversation with Canan Jungel of Staufen AG.

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What must future supply chain management be capable of? Part 2.

In the wake of the Corona crisis, global networks have had to make adjustments to increase their flexibility and respond to short-term fluctuations. But what challenges do innovative supply chains bring with them? With Thomas Spiess, member of the management board of Staufen.Inova AG, we discuss where companies have opportunities to connect and what proven solution strategies already exist.

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Lean hospital – how a clinical pathway manager helps optimize processes

Just a few years ago, clinics were closed due to cost pressure and inefficient processes. The current pandemic has temporarily pushed “clinic closure” as the sword of Damocles out of the media, but the topic will come up again sooner or later. ARCUS Clinics Pforzheim has been proactively addressing the issue of efficiency and quality for years by utilizing clinical pathway managers. Dr. med. Christian Sobau explains what this position is all about.

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LO ÚLTIMO DE STAUFEN. SIEMPRE LO MÁS ACTUAL POSIBLE. Lea aquí sobre las cosas que nos mueven y su industria. Nuestra selección de noticias te mantendrá informado sobre las personas,…

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